Welcome to CFA committed to all skill levels of saltwater fishing anglers.
Helping angler catch more fish since 2007!
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We are individuals who are inspired by the love of saltwater fishing. We focus on “passing it forward” by informing our members of the unlimited opportunities to catch multiple species of quality trophy size fish & sharing of our coast’s natural resources with friends. With our monthly meetings, club outings & events. We are dedicated to preserving the sport of angling for ourselves and future generations. We would love to have you join us for one of our monthly meetings

What we do?

Each month we hold a member meeting and distribute a emailed newsletter to our membership. Our website is also updated on a regular basis. Our Facebook & Instagram are updated daily with the latest species being caught & fishing hot spots! Most importantly we spend most of our time living, enjoying, sharing our coastal resources and helping our members catch more fish!

Monthly Meetings.

Are opened to the public, we invite coastal North Carolina’s top guides and charter captains to share their knowledge on what to target, where to fish & when to go. Applying the latest tips, techniques & tackle. We cover a broad range of topics & all the species, from the back bays to the surf, from inshore to offshore to the gulf stream. In our meeting we focus on what here now to target & how to catch them.

Club Outings and Events.

We also hold several special events throughout the year for the benefit of our members. These events include group fishing outings to the Outer Banks, a monthly fishing Derby, Big Fish leader board bragging rights, group surf fishing to local barrier islands, “fill the freezer with fresh bottom fish“, head boat day trips & buddy boats offshore trips as well. If you don’t own a boat, jump on a member’s boat.