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Fish Type 1st 2nd 3rd

Bee Liner - FL

Bill Fish (any) - FL

Black Fin Tuna - FL

Black Sea Bass - TL

Black drum - TLStewart Ochs
Bob Jones

Bluefish - TL

Bonito - FL

Cobia - TL

Flounder - TL

Grey Trout

Grouper (gag) - TL

Grouper (other) - TL

Grouper (red) - TL

Grouper (scamp) - TL

King Mackerel - FL

Lizard fish* - TL

Mahi - FL

Old Drum (over slot) - TL

Red Drum - TL

Sailfish fl

Sheephead - TL

Silver snapper (any) - TL

Spanish Mackerel - FL

Speckled Trout - TL

Striped Bass - TL

Tarpon - FL

Tautog - TL

Trigger fish (any) - FL

Wahoo - FL

White Grunt - TL

Fish Type1st2nd3rd